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Monday, February 27, 2006

Hey,camp was awesome I had so much FuN!!I got 2 hang with friends and make new friends.The guys were so Funny!! The guys rooms are accrose the girls room and uncle was in the middle making sure the guys dont go into the girls room.heheh.But when uncle not looking the guys sneked into the girls room.We all making as if mission imposible on the last day of camp uncle told us that he knew that the guys went into the girls room,we all burst out laughing thinking how stupid we were acting.I came home dead sleepy cause in 72 hours we only had 7 hours sleep.Last night i broke malaysian book of records cause i went 2 sleep at 7 n woke up 2 day at 12 and im still sleepy.Last fri was sports day my house (RUMAH BIRU) LOST!!!Anyway i gtg i have to study in 3 weeks i got exam!!Yall can c what other ppl said about the camp @www.stanneyouthbm.piczo.com in the guestbook.(when i get the pic will upload)
Wednesday, February 22, 2006

some cool pic ... .....

Hola, i quit marching the sun is 2 hot 4 me.I cant wait 4 camp tis fri but im kinda sad cant go ipoh!!! funkey monkeys r doing a web site as soon as bloody tears can find the password!
Friday, February 17, 2006

This is my baby bro spike.Aint HE CUTE!!

Ouch!! I finally put braces actually it diden hurt at all !! Now my teeth is blinged up!! lol. As 4 school its getting better.Chaotic kittie and me hate Mrs.sisi the most irritateing teacher ever!! I have so many pre test next week!! Then after tat i got a camp! Which i dont really want 2 go n sports ! Nightmare has been very nice,she a good friend..Lifes perfect ! well almost, 4 now.
Monday, February 13, 2006

tis has been a very busy week 4 me.Sat i had youth ...Sun i had youth @ st ann..... 2 day sukan tara and so many stupid homework 2 catch up on. Plus the funkey monkeys did not come so i was super board n alone.Now I am even more stressed bacause i got PRA UJIAN tis week n i dont hav time 2 study! just kill me..plz!!
Thursday, February 09, 2006

Hey! im jessica. im 16, my life is great so far, but i lead a very busy life. i have a lot of friends and role models in my life. My close friends are Den , lau,Bulldog and many more la. My role models are Shannon(my bro), Melisa(my sis) n Sheena(my couz) they are super cool and they are all in k.l/melaka but we r still close. I love hanging with friends n chilling at the beach. So far life's great but i still have a few bumps here n there, but it's all cool.