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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

itz off!!!! n im sad....

i finally took off my braces... when they said do u wana take it off.. i was dam happpy...then the doc use the a thingi n cut it,then pull nicely as if la i cant feel ish... then when i wash my mouth blood full.. ish... then check out my teeth.. it look great.... then after cleaning n after taking the mold i realise the teeth look nice.. but not wit me.. i look weird!! very!! i wana crawl under a rock.. ish! then go sch at 10.55 hahah!! then suprise janice wit a bday cake n card n galaxi.. lol.. she loved it.. all about 2 go out class... then the shitti part happen, the pengawas came 2 class when we going they said makan in class. then took our name then we got called up in the hall,kelley,jessica,kallai,brigita,shmay,janice and laura plz come 2 the front(pelajar ini telah ditangkap makan di class)** so scared! kallai 2 times 1 4 went koperasi 1 more 4 class thing.. lol.. but (bo)janice was kinda mad...**sorry! we all have 2 write 5 pg essay.. fuku em... ish.. then went 4 tuition.. crap even more.... now.. i miss bo.. ish! call la..i hate my teeth now!
Monday, June 25, 2007

haiz.. 2day sugu ask 2 stay back 4 seni when we did she said she had majalah meeting.. which i also had.. went a while.. felt so useless.. our job aint anything ... only way later.. ish.. then cabut go com club...hehe... nicely use the com.. the oni thing.. kerajaan sek block alot of sites... luckily u-tube still got if not die of boredom... then went BEAN'S WAY!!.. so freaking sad!! ITZ CLOSING DOWN!! 2DAY LAST DAY!! sobsob... no more hang out place.. lame canteen.. ish!! then going back.. 2tired n bored lola n me craping alot.. about old town kopitiam...haha.. seni project jz a lil left 2 go.. hehe.. then done.. n a lil moral... sch is jz so boring now.. plus ppl already getting stress....my class 07 pic.. n some pic taken..
Saturday, June 23, 2007

kelley came over did moral project then watch got saved! hehe..nicely chewed up my masquito.. ish.. then woke up at 8smt got ready pei thee took us go maken then went beach 4 like a sec then do accounts.. then tuition then bri came over then zzzz...bz day
Wednesday, June 20, 2007

im so sick of sch... itz like work after work.. acc n moral n seni making me crazy.. seni pass up on friday n moral next week, n acc friday n monday.. ish..... feddup.. n i dono watz wrong all the ppl close 2 me, seems upset wit me? ish.. but slowly getting better..... i wan graduation pic;s!! ish!! neway tis song stuck in my head..
Saturday, June 16, 2007

Valentine's Day Lyrics
Tuesday, June 12, 2007

sick* hemph! seni project stress.. now tsi.. ish..
Sunday, June 10, 2007

All good things come 2 an end
the holidays were fun...but during the last few dayz not so ever since the no going out crap..plus... my frenz getting sick really got me worried..get better soon k.. praying 4 ya.... n some emotic... ish...my mom jz made a blog, jumping up n down.. almost named it hotmama *excited much!.. anyways its www.momschickensoup.blogspot.com ...lmao...dam seni project tertanggung... ish!!


Saturday, June 09, 2007


k im bored.. lol... had a fun day wit janice n lala.. taking pic like crazy then sening like crazy than when lala went home me janice dancing like crazy. so tried..zzzzzzzzzzz
Thursday, June 07, 2007

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

i don get it... k i know itz spm n shit but like going out a day wont kill no1... i get y ppl who leave bm never wana come back... it jz suffercates ya alive.. every1 is so controlling.... times change.. they don get tat... they r so left back in time.. they compare things now wit things then.. things have change the world changed! ppl my age now r so more matured..i rather be left alone.. let me make decisions 4 myself... like i been doing the past year or so.. there's a thing called privacy they don get s well...i know i aint the perfect daughter maybe run the bill's up.. but i think im way better then some of my frenz...most my frenz they drink,have sex,take drugs,get married even?.skip sch.. bla..bla.. i don do stuff like tat.. tat would hurt her..smt i need space 2 hang wit frenz.. i mean tis is my last year.. next year i aint gona be here.. im going FAR,FRA,FAR away!!! n stay far from some ppl... ppl leave me alone 4 so long n i got used 2 it,... now all of a sudden they budding into my life again?>! wtf? i prefer them not 2. she always says there's nothing2 hide in tis place? bullshit! she hides everything from him, then later complain so much about him 2 me.. i don need 2 know! i mean it makes me hate him more n more..every1 wishes 2 have some1 like her.. cz of they look in from the outside..from the inside can they handel it?! she used 2 get me.. she used 2 be my bestfren.. bt.. things change.. i feel like a stranger 2 her.. the trust is broken from form3 tat cant be fix..she is not my shalter anymore.. god? he still there 4 me.. 4 ever there.. smt i feel distanted from him 2... back 2 her.. she is great at times.. but now adays not so... maybe i jz need space from her.. i dono... she seems so annoying.. y so concern y so controlling so all up in my face?? i mean.. she yeling n shouting 4 nothing she get emo n merajuk 4 stupid things? its like she wants 2 find a reason 2 pick a fight.. i tried everything.. ignoring, listening,doing watever.. nothing seem 2 really work.. like i can never be jz good enough 4 her... most the time its cz of her im emo! she affects my life so so much.. i used 2 have so many great memories wit her... all i ask is so i can hang out.. i mean i don go out much?! i dont.. my frens ask me out almost everday i don.. 1 month maybe once or twice?... most the time i miss things i never ask her cz i know we cant afford 2 go.. i aint demanding.. jz smt i want her 2 pay attention.. she does not,.. but if was some1alse she be up front n center listening... i jz wana enjoy tis holidays itz my last.. but she makes it so wrong 2 have fun.. anyway i aint going out cz i wana catch up in my studies....another thing is my phone.. ok holidays fri, sat n sunday i use it alot.. but sch dayz i dont! at night maybe a lil good night mes n encourage mes 2 frenz who r down,... tat's it. mostly if i mes at night itz cz of sch stuff.. or if im wit the phone itz cz im putting or checking reminder or if i cant sleep ill be checking out the pic i have taken... she thinks im mes till late night. so crazy.. like la my frenz be awake.. n i got so much kredit! arg!! im so frustrated... i need 2 get out of tis prison!i need 2 get far away from here. ..

im emotic...
Tuesday, June 05, 2007

so weird....
im happy yet pissed off... my mom band me from going anywhere n band me from so many stuff.. in my language killed my life till after spm.. in a way itz good,... but.. i mean... i wana go out abit!!!! haiz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but then im happy cz... i got my voodoo doll n roses n strawberries... feel so fuku!!! cant go anywhere!! stupid spm!!! haiz!!!!!!! hatefull...
Monday, June 04, 2007

CF CAMP 07!!
camp was fun.... 1st day all crazy......... there was the beach,... but i never went... 2nd day bbq... i went beach!! walking wit bo... hehe..... n going crazy wit the food..... night had secret resipi... hehe... n was confusing ppl wit the mortal thing.. hehe,... then got ppl painting nails was bored so i paineted mine n bo nails... lolz...3rd day we did games... funny,.... all last min... *wait* i 4got haha... we had bgr talk be4 the games... freaky... the speaker was so freaky.. everything was hitting at us... haiz..now. games... heh... i felt sick doing the games.. got all tis funky food most had 2 do wit egg... my station was the best spray ppl wit water s they walk blindfolded 2 the other end... then...we all enterd the sea.. i got div wet i got div into the sea!! hehe.. wit help from bo.. then...last night.. we all stayed up bt the guys coulden hang wit the girls.. haiz.. the girls al bitching then me kari n all ask b wat the prob n all... neway jz say the prob is settel... fell asleep at 5 woke up at 8 got ready 2 go back... my team got a prize 4 smt.... not sure was talking then heard my team n went up.. *i know wat a great leader*lolz... had fun la all in all.. but last night sucked..

watch a muv wit the youths... p.o.t.c......*where dono who said i had my head on j? no not true.. ish

gurney wit the madkesess.... was fun......watch muv again... the skateing got cancelled.. haiz........bt had fun..

hanging at sheena'z g.ma place......... n shopping 4 the wedding....i got my dress d.. hehehe..... sheena got her dress s well... she really having the dream wedding......sure got ppl gona be green eyeing... lol....jz got back.. now study times.... n art project!! ish..