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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

kl has been gloomy..

if a person loves someone
they can accept the other flaws and all,
but there are some flaws which one cant take,
especially if it is endangering the other,
you know when your at the start of a relationship everything is so nice,
but when ur actually on the road those things you put up with becomes a pain,
but it actually makes the relationship stronger once you get how the other works.
not everything is meant to be smooth sailing,you cant go back in time, or go 5steps ahead,
all you have is the moment you have now to make things work out.
if one person feels that they don't feel the same how can the relationship work,
its like loving a wall that will not love you back which in turn you would feel hurt.

i did some lil red indian stuff with my class
they are sooo cute!!
ofcourse i had to have the ladybug

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Monday, September 28, 2009

Align Centerwarning people!!

person 1 somehow inside i feel betrayed,
you know what your doing and with WHOM.
you of all people know the story,
you among all people should feel as how i do,
i told you how i felt, you choose to ignore it,
you certainly don't know your lines,
which i think is totally BS and that you just choose to be blind,

person2, you keep BS-ing with stories that your totally ok
i aint born yesterday, something is up so spill.
you don't have to carry the world on your shoulders,
just hope you know how much more you deserve..
and that i love you to bits!!


last but x least the worse person!
the omg!
the most funniest shit!
1)you don't even know me,
2)you butt in my life all of a sudden
3)not everyone wants your advise no matter how good it is
get over yourself you aint queen Elizabeth!
4)if have no idea head or tail don't just assume things
5) i was laying down the facts
6) if you have a stick up up arse its not my prob go deal with your own issues.

siapa makan udat dia terasa!

thank you


Saturday, September 26, 2009

All i need is you.


Monday, September 21, 2009

my weekend getaway...
so nice to finally not doing anything and just relax!
me and mel have been having a gossip girl marathon.
and we got to watch the ugly truth,
funny thing is i got a shirt with that logo even be four the show came out!
i gota say the show was LMAO funny!
i cant remember when was the last time i had this..
but it sure does makes me feel like a kid again..

releasing the inner kid ;)


Saturday, September 19, 2009

The best ice-cream on planet EARTH!!!
from the best of the best,Italian ice cream
little treat here and there don't hurt anyone..
especially if it means shoes ;)
so loving the swim wear in "bitch beach"in one utama..
killer hot.
one last thing to get and i shall quit shopping
atleast for a few months
or thing i see something too irresistible.

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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Today was management and moral final exam..
finally i can say its over!

its Hari Raya and i so wanna balik kampung..
btw i just realized i never tried lemang before,
come to think of it, i haven't tried many Malay food,
guess there's always a 1st!

im having the green eye monster,
my brother just went to London and is now in Paris,
my sister is going Australia next month,
im going.... to bukit jalir to work....
give me a chance ill do LA all over again...
but i been told before, my own backyard i never really seen,
and i wanna go see other people's backyard.

places i have to visit by the end of 2009!
* ya i know how could i not have been there*
-look out point-
-sunway lagoon-
*big shocker i know*


-if i could i wanna visit langkawi again
*at least i been there before

i miss the beach!

My current home now is @sayang's
or sheena's..
PJ is a place i store my clothes...
but now they are all over the place,
from penang to setapak to ampang.

i have a feeling its gonna drive me insane soon...

ps: that ass of a dumb guy who sat and didn't do anything, looks like finally your at lost of words. fyi:my fly rules bitches!
karma's gonna bite you watch out.

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Sunday, September 13, 2009

working aint so bad,

the lil ones say the funniest shit!!

its so funny cause you never know what they might say,
like this two year old saying

" Barack Obama is the president of the united states of America." and "when i grow up I'm gona have an aston martin with spoilers

and a Lamborghini"

the weekend i was so tired all i wanted to do was sleep and go for a swim,

which i gotta thank baby,

who even though was bust made time to have a swim with me...

i been looking around for heel's and i got the perfect one!

at the Vincci sale,

hotmama's gonna flip when she See's it.

yea I'm already tall,but so what!

even though I'm like half a head taller than Dan in it but so what!

i find them sexy


me current fav pic <3 taken after helen's birthday party
the girls
us and the birthday girl...
yesterday was Helen's 21st Birthday party at cap square,
the dress code was white for gal's and black for the dude's

theme:virgin girls
was fun, almost died walking back to the car,

**days like that so wish baby could carry mua
but sadly he can only in tha water



Divya samuel


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Friday, September 11, 2009

work's been awsome!!! update soon! =)
Tuesday, September 01, 2009

drifting away....

the truth is, i don't want to get a job,
i want to go back to penang and waste time rotting at home!
cause its the only time i can be there for a long period of time.