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Sunday, September 02, 2007


The sharp edge of the razor cuts my skin easily,
I’m numb to the pain,
Numb to the blood,
To numb to realize what’s happening,
To realize what I’m doing,
One cut follows another,
And another,
Till I can’t stop,
The razor falls from my hand,
Blood drips down my arm,
Tears roll down my cheeks,
What have I done?
By Jessica dubose(c.s)

By cutting u don do no good it don help u jz become an addict.
And u hurt the ppl around by doing tat.plz stop it my dear fren. Ill be there if ur hurt don do tat again,.. huggs..

Love is all that it is cracked up to be ,it really is worth fighting for, being brave for, risking everything for but the trouble is if u don’t risk anything , u risk even more.

2 have a relationship at my age.. is… kinda dumb.. thinking about it.. I mean… like, it so not gona last watz the point of being in a relation when itz sure aint gona work out.n in the end itz either u or him/her tat is heart broken, It does smt effect u mentally n emotionly. Im so over it… like they say there r other fishes in the sea. I jz take it like one of those lessons in life. we all have 2 face.. nobody is ever perfect.. ppl make mistakes… I learn a lot of things from it, good n bad. I remember the good n learn not 2 let the bad repeat itself. sheena once told me.. don go finding 4 other guys… cz god know who is right.. n will lead tat person2 u… tat is so true.. J im happy wit things now.. I moved on.. I don dwell on it.. I mean ppl my age itz dam hard being in a relationship when there r like a dozen hot ppl around..lol.. itz better not 2 limit urself.. hehe..im happy how things turned out.. theres x bad blood.. J my mom thinks im x over it.. hahaha.. but I’m… now im jz gona put everything aside, n try my very best 4 spm.. I can do it.. by the grace of god… life is really full of bumps.. after 1 theres another n another.. in a way it makes us stronger.. cutting urself , smoking, drinking, having many many bf, sleeping around, bullshiting stories tat u got layed, n taking drugs.. it don help at all.. jz makes things worse, n in the end ur so called frenz tat influence u 2 do it.. they all leave u.. n only ur real frenz stick by u.. but.. when ur 2into it.. u push em away n in the end.. ur all alone.. n ur life would totally suck.. now I may face a lot of tough stuff 4 not joining em n all but in the end itz all worth it.. I did things in the past im not proud of.. but im human k! n I make mistakes.. I use 2 love playing wit “fire” till I got burn.. my life aint the same.. itz a good thing though at least I can change now.. life can be great if u put all the bad behind n move forward. Guys my age have told me not 2 trust guys*they said speaking from experience** they said tat all guys suck. They know the wrong n hurt other ppl.. u know.. the ppl they hurt will heal.. but I think those who hurt em don’t.. they jz go cold.. n get messed up.. “resolve to be thyself, and know that he who fins himself loses his misery”_chicken soup..life is so much clearer when the rain stops.. J n u think things through..