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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

i wana do something with my hair it currently looks like this..
i did so many things with my hair in this past 2years!
i dont know what to do.

should i go botak then? ;)

i cant sleep. so why not be vain.

original hair = curly
shoulder length
dyed and straight
dyed straight / curl
straight/ curl
short and semi straight
straight with fringe


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

via we <3>
I feel like a different person,
I wanna live life like everyday is my last ,
Im learning to experiment with different things,
Im trying food I use to hate,
I feel strong independent,

new loves
Dark coffee and torn jeans

*ME ♥ *
picture to hot to put up ;)


Monday, July 05, 2010

if i could turn back time,
i would go back to this time,

sometimes reassurance is the best thing there is,
sometimes the simplest words is all you need to hear,
i love you more everyday ♥

Im sorry for being silly ;p

currently being a nut thanks to Advertising.
to me peeps who is the emo-ing with me today,
everything will be ok.
this song goes out to ya



Thursday, July 01, 2010

Fluffy baby
when ever I hold one paw she would put the other on my hand.
some people would say its just a dog, get a new one.
But seriously can u find any dog that looks like this?
In this size?
with all that fur?
with teeth that needs braces?
you can never replace this dog.

She was there when I didn't have anyone to turn to,
she was still there when I was hurt and could not tell anyone,
she sat next to me when I cried my heart out,
she was my pillow, a very fluffy one
I had her for 10years, Lady my other dog gave birth to her during merdeka.
Me and my cousin Sheena was there to witness it.
until today dogs giving birth is disturbing to me.
anyways fluffy was the last pup to be born,
I kept her cause I accidentally threw the gate open and it hit her.
I felt so bad for that, so i kept her.
when she was younger she use to bite my brothers bike paddles,
(hence the teeth)
so my Bro hated her.
But i loved her,so did most of my friends that visited.
despite having a face that people would be afraid and run away from,
(her eye became blind when she was 5years old)
she was an angel, she never bit anyone and welcomed anyone who patted her.

She is the best dog i ever had,
even if most my family never really liked her like how i did
I loved her.
bu-bye fluffy pillow for me to hug and cry to.
I feel so bad not playing with her the last time i went down.
I was so busy trying to chill with everyone ales.

I know there aint no doggie heaven but I love you babie.
below pic her mom and her when she was a pup
the above is the latest pic of them

I know its dumb but I wish she was still at home.


*opss slight glitch! scroll from the bottom to the top*

I got braided! <3
radio BC tutorials are fun ;p
now I know what ill look like botak,
which i will be in December

Flim fest
right after coming back from Singapore
more pic soon


*we didn't really take much pic**
ombak stunt guys
I wana grow up i wana be a star, wana be in movies.
I just realize i could do this!

Times square
I <3>
if only it be like this all the time!
aaron got peirced

even though I May only know my Uni friends less than a year
I feel like I known them forever!
they are like family

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