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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

im so loving where im now....
all the windows are open fresh air all over! =)
And the view from my bedroom, the hutan.
the view from the kitchen the hutan
the view outside
the only bad side is that we gotta watch out for monkeys.
they have stolen megi mee and eggs before.

In case your wondering im still in KL.
stuck here.
And i will be celebrating new years with sayang in KL.

The other day while web-caming with Irwin.
We were checking out each others new and old passport photo's
both our new and old passport looks so cacat.
But i notice that my old passport was almost full of chops.
My new passport only has 3 chops and a visa for the states.
so pathetic!

Hence my new years resolution:

more traveling!

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Sunday, December 27, 2009

i cant make up my mind!!!!
New year's in Penang with BFF's and wacko beach cousins!


New years in kl, with sayang and crazy clubbing cousin!
im gong insane!
And i have to make a decision like now!!Aarghh!!

i hate making decisions!
its important to make the right one cause for me new years determines how you spend the rest of the year! so i better make the right decision.

does that make any sense?


Saturday, December 26, 2009

After midnight service 25th December
presents time! **candid shot*
our tree!
baby excited face!
aint this cute!
and whats Christmas without em goodies!!
most of me gifts! from well everyone!
got the most gifts this year since.... ever?
This year its all wine for christmas

After everything me and baby slept at 4am.
woke up and rushed to sayang's house for lunch.
the food was awesome!

Christmas dinner we had it at shan's in laws.
it was also zac's birthday.. presents time again!!
the days before Christmas...

some of the family.
its has become tradition to have dinner at lake club.
and to take pictures after.

while my brother is busy driving around in his fiat.
im busy cam whoring at the back..
*fyi i got a new hair cut**
i love the bangsar village deco, klcc was by far the worse!!
me and div decided to make phil remember us so we got him this for Christmas!
little did we know he would get us back.

he being perasan with jacob black*me bf**droolss***a sxi notebok.
haha we always had war with sxi from cf camp.

Merry Christmas everyone!!


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

im nine-teen... i was totally dumstruck! you should have seen my face!
i tried this thing the day before
i totally fell in love with it i was hopping to go get it next month or something
but shan and prem got it for me!!
me fav dress ever!
me cousin reachel got me this from sabah!
mel got me all these goodies!!
cherries for me! from me! xp
some of the goodies i got! <3
man do i feel old!!
i been staying at my brothers place ever since i got to kl.
so the 21night i crashed at sayang's place.i fell asleep early.
when i woke up at mid-night, there were candles all over his room
and my fav song use somebody! was playing on the radio.
oh yea and there was this cute cupcake with a candle on it!

The best birthday ever, just being with <3


Friday, December 18, 2009

I just saw my bothers proposal on facebook.

and i feel like crying. so romantic and sweet!



Tuesday, December 15, 2009

stuck at a crossroad.
big decisions so little time!!

-cant update my pictures cause my notebook is on a holiday-


Road-trip with mad-ness

it was a kinda last minute thing,
me, Janice , *other Jessica*and Demmi
went to Ipoh.
demmi was from there and
me *the entire dad's side of the fly lives there*
was extremely fun, the road-trip was mad,
although i fell asleep half the time,

when we got there we had hakka mee
was the 1st time trying it actually and it was good,
then we went to Polo grounds, i so loved the weather!!
it was like i was in Australia again.cold and wind,on a sunny day.
not a sweat in sight!
we went to a few places, demmi's old school,
the golf club is so huge, i been to many clubs but this club was really big.
we headed back to penang by dinner,
then we rushed like mad for couple's retreat in gurney plaza,
after that we headed to sunset bistro to watch the metor shower and
to make the crazy day complete.

The next day after having fried ice-cream me and janice visited hotmama at work.
janice had some freaky stalker that followed us from the fried ice cream place to hotmama's work to leave a letter on my car for her.scary shit!


Sunday, December 13, 2009

Im gonna have a sister in law! =)

so extremely happy for me bro he asked her and she said yes
this pic is so like them.
*stole the pic from shan face book*

ps: thank you me peeps that have been there for me this hole trip
so glad i could meet everyone! this time.
Really had a blast!

to do:need to see my gal, go ipoh and meet div n phil one last time.Christmas shopping!

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Thursday, December 10, 2009

After light years of not meeting up Denissa looks so different!
this women cant even be called a friend she is more like a sister to me,
she use to stay over like every week.

santarina baby...

Anyways i meet up with all my gal's this past two days.
Janice at work, then some mamak with the B and D
we even got stuck in some deserted mall.
so typical of us.

Denissa stayed over even got fake MC so she could skip work
to meet up with Divya and Lee Lee.
Babe tagged along.
After so long im still amazed that we can still talk crap for hours!
its like F5 all over again.

Me and Denissa went to SMK CBM. aka our old school.
to collect the SPM sijil which should have been done ages ago,
the school has changed so much,its cleaner but the colors just get worse every time,
now its green +blue.
good news is my name is no more engrave on the art room wall!


Ok now u fking pissed me off!!!!!!!!
1st you pretend to walk around and act like nothing is absolutefkingly wrong,

you lie, and lie to cover what?! everyone knows!
by everyone, i do mean everyone!

just because i let you off by not saying anything about it and be nice to you,
don't mean im OK with you! i have never been!
i just have so much to say that i don't know where to start!

remember that KARMA'S A BITCH!

when your saggy ball's RIP lets see if that bitch stays.

haven't you done enough damage!?! don't you know when you don't belong?

yea you have the right to be here, but you don't belong here, here means a lot to people,
it must mean nothing to you for the shit you been up to.

you were never there, you were a stranger and now a fucking calculative stranger
have you forgotten its your dam responsibility!! how much more have the other one had to sacrifice!! the little you did you seriously want to count that!!

i let my bf go through your phone/emails what ever! cause you have nothing to hide when you in a dam relationship! only if you do you would hate it!

Christmas is normally spent with FAMILY, not at this or that persons house!
(like your Christmas in ipoh or genting was not at home right)

dont fucking write shit which is not true!
take the fall cause your the one to be blamed!
no one alse!

ps: sorry peeps if you think this post is rude!
but its a fact and its time for me to stand up to what is right!


Tuesday, December 08, 2009

very vip-ish night
This chick which i haven't seen in ages,
she is a childhood friend, the only clear memory i have of her
is the one we were having some convo under the manggosteen tree in my school,
and she had a fractured hand,
anyways yea she, is my age and is in MIFA.
she was in some fashion show and got sheena and me two tickets,
it was at boiler room hartamas,
we thought we would be getting some random weird setting far from the stage,
but she took us right in front of the stage,
the show was amazing!! the designs were mind blowing!
Malaysia really has so much talent!

some of the designs from the show
^^^her design miss malaysia 85
yoda fashion show at the boiler room
i spilled coke on myself
yea clumsy me, so i had to change!
After that we met up with Daryl
*to save time explaining his sort of a cousin*
he took us to changkat street bukit bintang envie,
the music had some old school RnB.. it was not so bad,

After that we headed over to crown hotel,
there is this club there, it was ok i guess,
danced with the owner who kept trying to take me and sheena's glasses off,
it was fun, got a little tipsy,
best part we didn't have to spend on anything not even cover charge,
*come to think of it only a twice i had to pay cover charge clubbing*

got home totally ko-ed the next day was the school's Christmas party,
what a busy day that was, but the food was amazing!
my mash potatoes were a knock out!

::after the fashion show i feel like i need a new wardrobe!::

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