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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

some friends are really meant to be friend for just a certain time,
after that they change so much that its hard to keep in touch.
some lie, some betray your trust and some are too immature to be around with,
after a while you start to wonder if its worth being friends with these type of people,
after a while you move on, great full for what they have done,
but sometimes nothing you can do to make things the same,
people change.so have i.


omg this is so cheesy! via we<3it.com


Monday, November 23, 2009

black and whitefound this pic from ages ago!

i been dying to put up pic of the school.. but
i cant put up pic of the kids with their faces without parents approval,
this is a Nigerian kid from out school,
she looks soo cute in her Halloween outfit!

you can check out pictures of some of the kids and the school at http://themontessoriplace.blogspot.com

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Sunday, November 22, 2009

delayed post!
i went to spca with dc and his sis last weekend,
there was so many puppies there,
most not even gona make it!
sayang had just started wiping this puppy when another bunch came in,
so i took over... i feel so sad to see it!but that was not the worse part,
after taking this photo,
i realize it was covered in little maggots all over!!!
i use the cloth to take it out,
i was so f-ing GROSSED OUT/SAD
i was gona cry, to make it even more bad that it already is,
see the bowl of rice behind the puppy?
that is its food! a puppy that cant even open its eyes is being fed rice!
it chocked so many times,
baby had to tap it so the food wont get stuck..
after all that i just cried,
it was so sad to see a puppy so defenseless
suffer like that,

spca is in lack of medical help!
so many volunteers but no one knows actually what to do,

if you got the place, and lots of love,
go adopt a puppy,
not all of them are mix stray dogs,
many of them are from good bread,
like this albino husky!

should help org's like this out.

adopt a pet today =)


Saturday, November 14, 2009

Went back to Utar to settle my uni stuff.
it was mark's birthday party so DC and me went....

the next day visited melia!
had fun in mid-valley with her friend Sharon..
i found my Christmas dress!

it came in like one of those hallelujah moments!

~shopaholic syndrome~

melia babe<3

i got this!

been looking all over for it...
i got a few new tops too!
woots loving the sale!
After that I got to meet up with IRWIN!
my only penang kaki which stays so near pj house!
i would go nuts staying in kl without any PG kaki if not for him
he and melia drove me back to setapak after chilling at M2.
everyone was kinda freak cause it was friday the 13..
December is coming woots!!
i so need to meet up with Div/Phil and so many other humans in PG..
cant wait to go home!
This year Christmas might be in KL..
i wana go to penang at the same time i wana be here,
home i got friends, kl i got sayang
one thing is for sure
gona club till the sun come up ;)

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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Im too lazy to update about Halloween and the past week....

Speaking of lazy. i had the most nicest/laziest weekend ever...
just lazying/sleeping all day...
the joy =)
except for this little trouble maker hoping all over the place,
at sheena's its kaizer, at dc its maya....
the only time its safe to put your feet down
is when she is sleeping..

dc and jazz,
or should i say just me,was so bored i decided to make us single,
for a week, the funniest things people say when they think you have broken up.

surprise, surprise..
my bro went and visited my baby bro, spike is all grown up...
his so big! i cant believe its him!!
**tears in my eyes**
happily reunited, sadly without me.. ish
PS: i took this pic from my bro FB =p

This is soo annoying!


I stay near klcc so i been going there often and every time i walk into KLCC
Im so dam tempted to walk into Jimmy coo,
the shoes look soo ***drool***
but no one has the dam guts to follow me!
sad right..
one day i shall pakai some old shirt and shorts enter that place
and get the dam shoe.
show they never judge a book by its cover,
rude people who think they own the dam shop,
when pada hal they just work there,
meaning, they work for us but make as if they better than us..
**they should get fired and work at some hong num**

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