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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

wise words by the late yashmin ahmad...

Today just seems so much like Autumn.
the leaves are falling all over and its so breezy,
so wishing i was on a holiday overseas.
or better yet on some Caribbean island.

but reality check,
the next week is all mid-terms/presentations.
cant even go home for the weekend.
been feeling depress lately, really want the beach now,
dumb ass kl,no real beach!

But then sayang's been staying over like almost the week,
his been busy with his assignments/video shoot,
and "The Party people" been chilling a lot,
so i been a little =)

somehow even tough nothing has really changed,
i feel like everything has,
nothing seems to be the same anymore,
maybe im just dreaming,
but i feel like so much has changed in so little time,

I feel like im at a crossroad,
and i need to make a decision for real,
I really need a sign,
so far im getting all the wrong signs.


Monday, July 27, 2009

sometimes letting go doesnt mean your weak,
it just means your stronger.


I was so sad to hear,
my favorite Malaysian movie director passed away yesterday.
Yasmin Ahmad...
she got a bunch of awards for sepet.
the best malaysian fliem ever!
i cried at the end..
one show which was release last year, talentime
she even did some commercials for Petronas..
Malaysia has truly lost one of the best directors ever...
its a gloomy day..

guess i wont be watching any malaysian movies no more..


Sunday, July 26, 2009

home cooked roach..
Its in the oil my house owner keeps to reuse.
This picture was taken weeks ago.
the jar and the roach is still on the kitchen table.
But i guess since she already recycles her piss on her plants,
whats wrong with a little roach to make her food tast
even more delecious, with her home grown pee food.


After Mist + school

too lazy to find the other pikies.. =)

to do list for today...
-kick/annoy dc baby out at 6.30am-
-continue sleeping-
-12pm,something hit the mall-
**got me roxy flip flops!!**

weekends go by so fast..


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I been soo freaking busy,
Last week was freaking stressing over my moral assignment,
which was total shit-tology

I really needed a break so i went to Mist with B and gang,
Mist was launching this drink PINK-Martini
tasted nice but more like a fruit punch,
but the dumb part was the free flow stopped at 11!
wtf right.
Joey G the Vj from channel V was the host so it wasn't tat bad,
the best part is he was seating a table behind us,
so *cuci mata*
After that the group decided to go to School(Bangsar).
I liked the music and definitely the detention cell,
but not the people!! go there if you have a big group of friends..

Crashed at sheena's during the weekend,
on the way there the lrt was all RED,
MU fans crazy, this big size guy was shouting at every stop,
old trafford, old trafford on board!
sheena's dog is back from sabah,
its a doberman....
his freakin cute but dam huge!!

It was a last minute thing but we manage to get tickets to watch the game
on monday,
MU vs Msia
omg malaysia team really needs coordination!!
but dumb,only the goally was ok.
(will upload the pic later)

this week i seriously need to buck up,
lecture hates my guts,
got loads of work to finish,
got assignments/mid-terms!!
worse part of all my laptop has a freakin virus!

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Monday, July 13, 2009

Happy Birthday KELLEY LAI.

wish i could have been there.

this month seems to be full of birthdays.
Happy Birthday Premla!

there is haze all over kl today
and as usual when there is haze,
i'll be sick!
*in a horrible mood*
itz 5.23pm, good night world.

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Thursday, July 09, 2009



ironic isn't it.


Monday, July 06, 2009

i got new contacts!
some new brand,
its blue.
i think it looks weird,
don't cha think so?



SATURDAY- had loads of fun with janice and demmi,
wad chilling at gurney,
miss the syko ppl!
but not the same without the whole gang there,
after gurney me and babe hit tha beach,
watching the lighting was freaking awesome!
*yea i know its bad for the eyes*
couldn't get any pic of it! ish.
anyways was nice catching up with babe,
(babe i made up my mind for real)
this is the best i could get of the lightning. swt

got back to kl, on sunday noon,
sayang and his mom picked me up,
headed over to their house,
shan's bday dinner plans were post-pond,
i was so dead tired!! and mel was not well,
oh well, next week =)
crashed at his house,
so drained out.

i have an assignment due this thursday
and i have no idea how to do it well enough,

best part im the dam group leader!!
and i have a mid-term this wed,
at least im partly ready for it,
busy week!!

crazy sale going on,
kinda frustrating trying not to get anything!
kinda broke,
plus im saving my $$ for something ales!

cant freakin wait to work! and earn some$$ and get what i need!

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Saturday, July 04, 2009

i thought you would understand,

guess i was wrong,
i really didnt think it would be be what it was,
missguided by words,
horrified about what you think is FATE.
your such a useless piece of trash,
you think everyone deserted you,
open your eyes, who deserted who?
you know the lies you wrape yourself in,
they dont fool me,
your act of miss guided emotions dont fool me,
your so invisible, i can see right through.
and ps:put your dam ego aside will ya!

stop hiding behind that mask,
we all can see clearly pass it.
the biggest fool is you.

How bout a round of applause
A standing ovation
you put on quite a show
Really had me going
But now it’s time to go
Curtain’s finally closin
That was quite a show
Very entertainin
But it’s over now
Go on and take a bow.

ps:its not my bf, im talking about jz a person.


Friday, July 03, 2009

im so addicted to silly boy-gaga feat rihanna.
cant find it on youtube though dont think its out yet.
the gossip girl blair aka leighton's new song is out too..

im home my lits to do

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Thursday, July 02, 2009

im going back to the island under the sun,
think it'll do me some good,
i didn't want to go back cause this sat is my bro Shannon bday.
but my sister cant make it so i don wana be tiang lampu with his gf and him.
ill just celebrate it with mel some other day.
going home to relaxand study!
yes study, sorry peeps dont think ill be meeting anyone.

so homesick cant wait to see my babies again!
my beg is packed.
just need to confirm with myself
if i really wana go back home or stay here.

will only know tmr.