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Saturday, August 28, 2010

idk anymore.
its all over, for real,
no turning back..
no more chasing fairies that are not there,

so many thing happen in this month alone,
I dont know whats real anymore,
broken promises,
renewed flames,
testing waters,
Im just so sick of it all,

:just gonna stand there and watch me burn.

I gotta move on I cant stand around waiting,
I cant hope on something that will never happen,
I did things this month Im not proud of,
but I can only learn from my mistakes,

only exception keeps playing in my head once in a while,
It maybe nothing or maybe something,
but its just messing me up even more,

Im lucky to have all my Friends who care about me,
Langkawi trip really helped,
Those crazy nights were the best,
thank god 4 jon on the 1st night the only sane one,
it really was an awesome trip,
just being total beach bums..

it open my eyes.
now I know what I have to do.

Right now this very moment typing two years back we started,
now its ended im leaving it all in the past,

I learned that even if relationships dont really last or work out,
friendships should not be gone to waste,
once a friend a friend for life.


Thursday, August 19, 2010

my cousin wedding in ENO penang..
awsome wedding and gota do some family catching up!

Varian and Tasha

awsome part about this trip to Penang the hotel is just opposite all the clubs in UPR.
so we club-ed and everyone could drink!


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

in the making ♥


Sunday, August 08, 2010


my team
jon got the worse shots i think
yasmin the "killer" she shot me in the head round1
the guys
we were job-less
red team
blue team

so sad the Jordan n Josh wont be around for it,
had fun chiiling with them even got to check out the aquar thing in KLCC
and on that day we had Banana leaf
Me being a Cults spilled rasum on joardan..
it was an accident, but he looked like he pissed his pants

I went back to Penang for Varian's wedding it was fun spending time with the
family, some clubbing

the awesome-ness is being able to crash right next to all the club no need to worries about parking or driving home!

And i got to see my baby!!
sadly i didnt get to hit the beach... haiz