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Tuesday, June 24, 2008


i think i might be falling... but i dont think that's such a good idea..
how can it ever work out..... ?
am i just being insane?
"thus I'm in a state of confusion"

Monday, June 23, 2008

The wedding was funny n sweet..
i went wit yellow**ron ron said it looked gud =)**
i kinda felt outa place, somehow when i went back home ntg felt the same..
itz like everything is the same, but some how i have change..
i did have a blast on sat night though.. i went 2 st.Ann's after the wedding then dinner with my family after that i got Patrick n Benji n went 2 AC... swensens..wit cat,Chris,Russel,Ruben n some other dude...after that we headed 2 soho...i really had fun..didnt get 2 dance much but was fun lepaking anyways...
even though i feel like a stranger when I'm home but i luv the people in BM....sigh
x that the people in kl are bad or anything i just miss the insanity of bm ppl.. haha
do i even make any sense?
i miss home yet i find here home now.....
i wish i was back in BM now...
sigh 2 weeks seem so long more...... till then i shall just concentrate on my assignments....


******will upload the pic's soon********

sigh cant wait 2 get my own notebook..

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Omg i came back and found out I'm so fully booked and plus i have to go 2 tis wedding tmr..
kill me now..
plus the worse part i HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR
....actually i do but itz BLACK and YELLOW.. swt
and according 2 chineese weddings black x allowed.. and according 2 irwin yellow is miang**I jz think itz 2 bright and will draw 2 much attention.. swt.
looks like i have 2 go shopping tmr.. hopefully wit gal.. haven't seen her in ages,if not i will drag pig along or phil... cz all my other gal frenz are busy.. haha..
im so happy 2 be back..
im driving again!!
yesh im an excitedkes..
not much people know im back..
hehe should be interesting to see their reaction..
just chilled wit babe**janice** i have missed her!! haha
was fun catching up.. plus harry so big d.. and hyper.. haha.. we tortured him..
haha one day he gona die cause janice sleeps on him 2 much..
**sorry ppl ever since GG ended my blog has been very dead will try 2 bring it 2 life again**
currently in a state of confusion..
Wednesday, June 18, 2008

camwhore begins.....

and its a rap.............
Thursday, June 12, 2008

The guy who sits with us during tutorial and our class rap...
MISSS ORANGE.. ahaha aka wayne..

melia,dan and me

biege,groupie and the bean....
*talent night 08*
Tuesday, June 10, 2008

i left home at 7smt AM i came back at 11smt PM.. had classes from 9 till 5 then i went to give my couz some moral support cause she will be preforming wit the band.. **the guy is cute** haha
i seriously LMAO.... nw i had 2 rush n print some research for tmr art.. ish... tmr bz day.. 8smt leave go uni then 2classes finish then help out my cous till the TALENT NIGHT.. hehe
which ill be leaving uni late at night.. hehe itz crazy but fun..
bri didnt join. she was x feeling well.. anyways was a blast..
**thanks melia**

will upload pics soon..

Sunday, June 08, 2008


k like in piggies blog i might like Mr.d aka DD... swt..
just a lil.. lil... k maybe not so lil la.. i mean i been obsessing.. swt..
x really la.. actually not so much obsession... more like to free and nothing to do or think about...

im a confused person.. i shall do nothing n just concentrate on the assignments..
and work i got....i know so not me to say that.. but then again people change.. =)
plus i dont want to rush into anything...
**sigh i aint the type to have flings or stuff like tat**
not really anyways..
so yea i do like someone... his good looking and nice... but a guy guy none the less..
and if u were wondering yesh better than the previous guys i liked.. haha

Today i went to acts church.. was seriously fun.. my friend Dennis took me there..i actually listened to the sermon which is a big deal for me.. cause i never do.. haha my mind gets lost after a few minutes..and normally i dont bother to chase it.. haha.. it just wonders n wonders.. haha
after church makan n all... seriously had fun...plus those people were crazy funny.... haha..

m still scouting for churches.. so please do leave me some names..
if none cant beat acts i might just go there.. that is if i manage to get transport... sigh petrol price mahal d..

Last Friday i had dinner wit mel n my aunt and uncle.. n dam they can they be annoying..
family duties..
if it weren't for my mom i would not even bother go, to be insulted and told what they think is best n their so called advices.. which they can take n shove it-------------------
k i shall stop that after all i just went church samo..
ish me..

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Emo Day's.....

-came to my rescue-
Falling on my knees in worship

Giving all I am to seek Your face
Lord all I am is is Yours

My whole life
I place in Your hands
God of mercy
Humbled I bow down
In your presence at Your throne

I called You answered
And You came to my rescue and I
I wanna be where You are

In my life be lifted high
In our world be lifted high
In our love be lifted high


Monday, June 02, 2008

things have been looking pretty good.. haha
i can go online anytime now,we got the transport thing down.. n im having a blast!
as for a bb boy?..... nope none..........


anyways picture updates me n bri at our weekend home.. hehehhehehhehehh!
o n btw... im seriously will be brook if i continue 2 shop like there's x tmr!

i have nothing 2 do with all this obscean pictures.. haha
**the 2nd pic the ppl fell lmao**

toy car parked right in the car parking space. lol.. **mel sapu it haha**

charity haircut*sunway**
so many ppl cutting in one place.. if im x mistaken got msia
book of records..
ords 2..