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Thursday, November 11, 2010

I saw this line in Starbucks telawi street..
friends are like snowflakes,
all different all beautiful

to all my babes and dudes that are always got my back,

Each of you are crazy and insane
In that way, some how you guys always manage to keeps me sane

sometimes a lil crazy-ness is the best medicine..
like riding in a kelisa's car booth around Bukit Jalir..
some how you guys always manage to make me smile
even when I feel shitty inside.

♥ Thank you! ♥


Tuesday, November 09, 2010

the things you say makes me wonder...

Currently addicted to Bruno mars- grenade
Nelly-over and over

Life is short,
I could die tomorrow, You could die tomorrow ,
love like you never loved before,
fight for things only worth fighting,
take a step back and breath,
notice the little things that make life so amazing,
Never take something for granted once its gone,
thats when you'll miss it the most.



Saturday, November 06, 2010

Road trip part 2.
we went to Batu Caves
It was my 1st time the caves were pretty cool..
I'm not sure where we went all I know is it
was after Gentings..
we went to a elephant farm?
something like that then we hit some waterfall nearby
then back to KL for awesome seafood!!!

But I'm sure each of us is scared for life
due to the lack of changing facilities...
on days like this I thank god I'm from an
all girl school.. ;)

muka kena samun..

**cause he did the night be4 the trip**
**we lurve each other =p **
we gotta ride the elephant,
And No the elephant didn't ride us.
gay people
we are all a lil retarded..
tis is my boss so I say no comment( i want my pay)

the sweeties
awesome photographer awesome shots! ;)
♥ you guys are the best people I ever met and are my family in KL
♥ you guys!! we may fight because of assignments and get mad at silly things
but we are always there for each other =)

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PJLA had a few road trips with the cast so we tagged along..

I love Melaka!!
me and kit were trying to escape tis pic but the photographer is very persistent.
I some how think he blends with the background.. haha

Im trying to aim for his arse.
ham sup taitanic
crazy people on the lose..
crazy women on the run
crazy women trying to bite my arse!
Hustler trying his luck with flora's mom..
like mother like daughter..
kit might be checking some1 out and hustler jz looks soo wrong!

the guy in the cape..
my boss..
and I aint kidding when I say he walked around 1U like that.
chilling be4 work starts..

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