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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Im Lost in moments of silence,
Moments of dissatisfaction,
Moments of wonder,
Moments of amazement,
Moments of frustration,
Moments full of though ,
I think of conversations not had in my head ,
Things I want to say to you, but when I face you I cant
I don’t know why I just wish somehow you can see thing from my eyes
Sometimes I think everyone would be a whole lot better if we see thing from each other sides.
I still hope, I still pray I still have faith but im doubt
I really dono anymore, is there a way you could show me a sign
Things are so messed up, but not sad
I lost in confusion, wondering why?
Wondering things could be like this,
I was the strong type, but I’m weak now,
I can’t say no, no matter how much I try,
I can’t stop myself,
Maybe I’m foolish, maybe just ignorant,
But I can’t help it.
I think I’m weak cause I CARE too much,
Even when I don’t want to,
What should I do?
How to erase this? how to delete what can’t be erase,
We all searching for happiness
What if it comes in forms you don’t expect it to,
It’s so right and so good but at the same time It feel wrong,
I can’t sleep at night I’m just constantly thinking,
I wish I could just put my mind on pause,
This is so frustrating,
How long more can I take this?

pic's via we♥it

i unfold to myself.
sick of questions i don't want to answer.
i owe you nothing.

PS: I lost my hand phone in borders garden today,

so please call my DG if you want to reach me or FB me.


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Its been a crazy week,
  • I been chilling out with some old kawan's (the mamk gang.)
  • learning to avoid Bitches
  • Alot of shits been happening..
  • my 1st sem is ending..
  • my mom called singing IMMA BE IMMA IMMA BE...
  • my mom called to say she was playing in the rain
*now you get why i call hotmama an old teenager**
  • Im reconnecting with myself again,
  • I feel sad like a piece of me is missing
  • Im drawing again
  • Im broke$$
  • Im into colors!
  • Im waiting for something exciting to happen
(Dont we all)
  • Im setting goals for myself
  • I miss penang
  • Im loving and hating LIFE.
  • I miss Church
  • I finally went to Segi collage
  • I found a cool chill out spot.
  • ♥ all the people i been chilling with
  • Drinking teh tarik too much
  • Thinking about trying something different
  • might get a lip piercing again.
  • Needs $$
  • I got a make over
  • Im into Paramore/Linkin park/red jump suit apparatus again
I might start selling my paintings again.. anyways here a sketch.
And no its not me!
me <3
more update soon**

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Tuesday, April 06, 2010

I had fun in Penang despite having something on my mind.
Im a free spirit and im not gonna let anyone hold me down,
Im gonna be happy for me not anyone,
yes its time to be selfish and think of me,
I need to find myself.
even though there is a price to pay.

with me babe
had an awesome last night with ya!
even though we got back at 4 with a lecture
and whatever
but it was what i needed,
and i do not regrate it =)
despite the consequences,
I never did something like that before so
there is the 1st for everything
if we didnt I would have died of depression!

laughter is the best medicine.
thank you for all the laughs ♥

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Monday, April 05, 2010

from we♥it
my mind is wondering into wide open spaces.
thinking of the possibilities
wish I was 5 where the world isn't so complex
and i don't have to make decisions in life.
how do i even make up my mind on something like this?

I'm currently back in Penang
my blog is dying
I know....

I been busy with assignment
at Starbucks gardens/borders/Wendy's/uni/SPCA.
never thought a mu top could look like a freaking couple shirt =_="Had a bad week...lost my phone, had a robber in my house
and many more shity stuff been happening...

when I got back to Penang got dam depressed because i was looking forward to something
turns out i cant get it. sian! plus other shit been bothering me..
At least I gotta meet up with Phil,Div and some maniac culture.
hopefully be seeing Janice again today!
*cross fingers*

Glad I went out last night....... =))
Thank u for being there =)
love me peeps! ♥