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Thursday, January 28, 2010

my moms post is soo true..

On the need to get list..
-big square books
*mandrin class*
* RM30 only*
-Microsoft cd
-good anti virus!
-facial stuff from body shop
*must get every once a year*
-notes from sayang and jon jon
- bikini
*cause mine already gonna koyak! and i wanna swim soon!*

And if i have any balance

Desperate will do anything for cash
not anything la..
but almost anything!


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

it just drains out all the fun/ energy in you.
Especially if you wanna make the best of that day
And someone starts getting pissed and frustrated at you for no reason!
This goes out for all them ladies who's had enough,
husbands, bf or just random people in your life
giving you negative shit!


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Blast from the Past...
Mel picked me up to have dinner and chill on Monday evening.
we went to Tropicana city mall.
After some window shopping we decided to have dinner at the otak-otak place
i love this place cause every time i go there i start thinking of the stuff we use to do,
And some bits and pieces of memories start coming back,
like how i use to love happy family cards or
how my brother use to have so many toy soldiers
you know the green little guys laying around all over the place.

Not even mentioning the sweets!
sweets that i haven't had since i was like 7?
Besides getting all excited about the things we use to do,
mel helped me with Broadcasting Assignment.,
finally someone helped me!
was seriously going insane!
and my mind was
************** BLANK*****************

I also saw some hot hot corsets..
and got all excited about it.
sexy sexy..
*not that i got them or anything*

Anyways thanks mel for saving me butt..

ps: melia and people that practically live in that apartment get well soon!!
since they were sick i got them lollipop's..
**remember when we were kids and the doc use to give them to us?**

i will eventually bounce back to reality and that we aint 6years old soon


Monday, January 25, 2010

My condolences to Premla and family...

Christmas seems like last week.
we were all gathered celebrating it together,
celebrating zac's 1birthday.

I received the shocking news Monday morning.
That Premla's brother in law passed away,
I meet Kumar a couple of times,
even celebrated last Christmas with him and his family.
he was a great guy, loving husband and a good father.

After hearing the news it kinda made me realize that life is so unpredictable,
And that life is so precious.
I started valuing life,
BoldAnd all the little things that i never notice be four.
Life is like a gift we should cherish while it last.

A little note to everyone:


Friday, January 22, 2010

love without trust isn't love at all,
if you love a person you trust them,
if you trust a person you don't try to control them,
you just accept them,
if you love a person you don't cheat,
if you trust a person that you love,
you don't have to worry about having your heart broken,

love isn't always perfect its a working process.
but cheating isn't a phase in life, it is just stupidity.

im loving kl a whole lot more now,
i been busy alot this week,
just chilling and stuff,
somehow it feels pretty good,
and im not letting anyone get to me,
especially over the most smallest things.
which im sure one day you'll see is so ridiculous.

im going out ;)


Thursday, January 21, 2010

Remember a while ago there was this buliding that runtuh in PJ.
i passes by it yesterday and i never notices how bad it was until yesterday
the tractors are actually on the top floor car park when the building runtuh.
irreee looking at it

i have some really weird, really normal and really HOT lecture's this year.

Been chilling alot with melia lately,
so hating Utar system,
when i was in P
E the people i know in PC,
now im in PC the people in know in PD.

Anyways the under construction thing in PC is really nice!
they totally change the reading room,
i keep wondering which part of the room i was in,
plus the pictures and art stuff were WOW!
Best GD show case from the rest i been to.i took really bad pic, the nice ones were blur.
it actually looks nicer

I been sick for almost a week already.
i hate feeling shitty especially for so long!
by the end of this week im sure to lose my voice.
1week and we already have assignments,
plus i dont even have a group yet for one assignment.
i gotta a feeling im gona be complaining alot this sem.

The only thing im happy about now is that
sayang's coming over in a while.
cant wait to see him


Sunday, January 17, 2010

Back to UNI.
tomorrow i start classes again,
still cant believe its 2010 already...
so many plans and new things happening for me this year,
wish i could spill all of it out here but unfortunately i cant,
i can only give bits a pieces when the time is right,
its a real suprise.
Im thinking of putting my blog private cause weird gatal guys love to leave comments
and its getting on my nerves.

i love DC.
been spending alot of time with him, 2008-2010 and im still not sick of this guy ;)
on new years he gave me some gifts among them was thisthe inside is for me to know and for you....

Finally my room is not so messy,
for 3months i haven't been living here it was just a storage place,
every time i came back i left a beg of all my laundry so my room was full of begs
which i finish washing.
who knew doing laundry could be so tiring?!

I been inspired thanks to Sheena.
im gonna do what i love and getting cash doing it!
i hope!

I know im really random i can jump from one topic to another in less than a sec.
But that's just me.


Thursday, January 07, 2010

via we<3>
Seriously sometimes i feel like some guys are born without FEELINGS.
or they just don't give two shits about you
or they just don't care enough to know how you feel.
and im not being sensitive...



Mamaking and chilling with B
somehow it never get's dull!
*stole the pic from her FB*

i say that chick has a dimple,
she say that chick has a nipple?


And people say im the twisted one.
But what they don't know is B's Gothic name is twisted whisper!

B insaf. stop the negativity.
its bad for the Brain!



Friday, January 01, 2010

Its 2010 Bitch!

Happy New Year People!!

Im embracing change and new beginings♥