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Friday, April 28, 2006

Been very busy.Last week was in kl, it was awesome got to hang out with sheena(took some crazy pic).Then last fri was at the GROW CONCERT(the grow band rocked!!*someones mom helped us 2 take pic*).Then on sat the high school brass band thing was ok, got 2 hang with the crazy ppl!!ballons were all over the place!! Then tis week all plans dibatalkan!!! cause sick!!! sucks!! Now cant be partying till exams are over!! shit!! EXAMS!! not really ready 4 it!! gona be so busy studying tis month!! great....
Wednesday, April 05, 2006

(twisteds picture)
Its true what people say laugther is the best medicine.The past few weeks were crazy.....was super stressed trying to keep up with studies until not enough sleep so in class i would be sleeping..... anyway back 2 the topic, today was so nice all the teachers diden come so caotic kitti n me were laughing at almost everthing we were even crossing diffrent animals example a lion with a parrot and a baboon with a firefly so the lion would have parrots feathers as a mane n the baboon would have a bright a**.lol.Sometimes if ya happen 2 c me sitting all alone and im smileing or laughing 2 myself dont freak n call TR, im actually thinking about the stupid stuff i and the funkymonkeys did.The stuff we do is super crazy, example we talk n talk and then relize we r all talking about diffrent things or how we actually i spilled milo,coke,glitterrice on them.The best was last april fools i put toothpast in the oreo n gave it to everyone after that no one dare eat oreos from me.lol.Our lattest prank is comeing soon.So i guess its true laugther is the best medicine.*Start Laughing**Be weird*