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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Im seriously amazed how I could walk by so many people
and never really know them,
for example I know this dude from a friend
talked to him a few times but we walked pass each other for almost two months in uni
before we actually found out who we were.
ironic wouldnt cha say...

words cannot express how freakin happy I been lately,
sometimes I wonder if im really good enough for this,
the ghost from the past still haunts me,
wounds that have healed leave huge scares that still hold me back.
there is this huge bump that I have to pass...

sometimes all you need is more than words and empty promises,
sometimes I feel like im dreaming and I need a pinch to wake up.

I alway told myself trust no one,
and I was right...

but what if this time Im wrong?
Sunday, February 06, 2011

the randomness fun day with B ♥
I cant believe how good this year has been been to so many new places which
the people I call friends are truly angels! =)
erm... I had an accident with the brush....

I miss staying on my own...
after moving out of PJ
i barely get to meet up with me peeps!
*I miss you guys!*

I had loads of fun staying at the 3rd floor ;)
I see you
*easy for spying no? *

But Hotmama decided to move 2 kl..
hence Ill be living in Puchong.
It aint so bad,
the only thing is having everyone suddenly wanting to know wtf Im doing.