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Sunday, March 30, 2008


just wana wish B n RON RON
with ur driving exam tmr!!
B u better pass!! so joushua dun have 2 drive us around d... lol.. pt him! hahahaah
my msn! got virus! so %$#@@ la!
just oni reformated!
swt swt!
Saturday, March 29, 2008

Tis song is 4 one of my frenz.... hu is so blinded by "luv"
n lets her bf control her... hu does not even wan her 2 go 2 sch n better herself....
women stop letting him control u.. i n the rest of our frenz are sick of him.....
we barely get 2 c u cz he does not even let u hang wit us? wtf?!
we miss u..
n u aint even married n he controls u... x only tat if u wana do smt 4 u he gets mad..
if he luvs u he will respect u.. n x scold u infront of ur frenz n let u do wad u wana do...
y do u stay? y do u let him treat u like trash!
u say he will change? but he has x... his still the same.. u give reasons 4 him..
ur future is the 1 at stake...
we talked 2 u d... nw we cant even sms u without him knwing... so i hope u read tis..

is tis guy worth ur life? ur frenz? ur future?

we hope u do wads rite gal....

think carefully...



i been bored gila! been painting ,cam whoreing, n been reading!

im going nutz la..

n my mom got back from kl n was like "she: u x going out anymore u wan ur frenz come here..u going 2 the mall n hanging out 2 much i dun like tis!

me:itz my prob la

she:u still under my roof..


wtf wei...

then samo i havent been on the phone much tis week also, she started her the phone bill 2 high! swt swt!

bla bla bla!

god stop plz! havent seen her in a while n all she cant talk about is coll or nag.. swt swt

she makes s if collage so ez 2 choose nia..


the nagging making me wish coll start next week!


but then itz x only my parents also la...

alot ppl parents also paranoid.. haiz..

besides tat G is annoying man.. talk about desprate!

n x we can never be frenz if u cross the line!

so *&$# off..


mom ask me go vietman wit her..... but then i wan go KK.. sigh

confused betul...

all i wana do now is go chill wit my frenz.. sigh

4 s much s i still can....

i have a feeling we are all gona lose contact s soon s collage start.. sigh


**emo emo**

im gona miss my room in coll or uni..


bumbed out...

i duno wtf my prob is la... been like tis all week.. pissed off n emo.. n NO it aint pms..

tmr might go gals place help her wit her bf present...

yesh im tat bored!

ppl if u free n wana hang call me!!

**x including strange freaky guys hu i duno**

^ignore wad my mom said i cant stay here any longer! going mad^

the oni cure:gossip girls episode14!!!! plz plz plz!

Friday, March 28, 2008

I been crazy over dresses lately.. i duno y!!
swt swt...
n heels! i luv THE HEELS IN ELEMENTS!!! N VINCIES! dam nice... itz black n pink.. yesh pink..
i dun care! i luv it!
few more days till april!!
then the $ come in, then i hopefull have enough 2 get starbucks 4 pic.give gal back 4 the dress.. hehe
n get thoses heels!!!!!
i cant wait 2 go coll!! if in pg dam nice!!
gal,lee lee, pei theen n me stay one hse.. wakakka
the madness unleash..
definately if me n gal same room itz gona be crazy
^ey where my........ book!? ey ey where the file? ^
lee lee will be like eh go study la!! n pei theen wit her crazy jokes..
definately crazy!! n gal gona be making me eat healty food!
gosh i hope i get tar but then i might turn it down... i still might take broadcasting......
c how la..
i duno hu is tis but she is so hot! n her blog dam intresting hehe....
**n 2 all thoses negative ppl i aint a lesbo**
Thursday, March 27, 2008


catching up!wit D n B..

B luks scared of me... lol

we maybe dorks but we don give a dam! haha
Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Been chilling n crashing at ppl place ni.. i need a job or 2 start coll soon! im dead bored!!!
shan coming back next week!! yippie!!
**he says he misses harry**lmao
hope mel can come back2!!
miss em!
last week NS div n phil came back the 2nd day.. wtf..
phil followed me 2 st.anns..**1)he luks gud botak 2) he makes frenz fast haha**
lenard drove go makan wit gf n div.... the next day wit jude..
**his driving aint so bad la :) **
the next day send phil go back pg, crash at kells! VS dam!!
then the next day crash at B's..
swt swt!
so wrong!! old ppl!! ew ew!
i got another dg cz my old 1 gone! swt..
btw i burned my self dam badly! wit a freakin strightener**diden c it on the pillow**
u dun wana knw where i burned myself!
swt itz like im jinkz but if u c it frm another point im dam lucky! swt
my brand new glasses fell into the drain in st.anns but i got it out unharmed!
2day i duno wtf is wit mulan n ppl going on about y got guys after me but x BF..
the answer i duno!
lame lame!
ppl i like dun like me... or even if they do they r scared of me.. wtf rite!
currently into tis guy a lil but janice dun approve of.. but ice n chris,linda says x bad...
big plus.. his taller.. wakaka.... k i have a problem 2 day... swt..
div called last night wispering from under the blanket so she diden get caught.. lol dam funny la tat women..
sobs miss em gila!
only ppl hu watch AMD will knw.. hahahahaha
Tuesday, March 18, 2008

hanna **banana*!

ella! dressed up s snow white.. she also has a lil mermid 1 too!josh ugly doll!! dam cute wei!!
disney land! :P




aiyah im blogging 2 bloggs! x meaning! swt
i miss every1 d!! sobs!!

2day hanged wit div n phil.. emonya..

both going NS.. sigh!!

no more ppl 2 kacau n call d..

div like every hour must talk or sms.. swt!! im gona be bored!

i need 2 find collages n all! '

argh! going crazy!

i think i might go tar.. but my sis wan me get MMU.. x meaning!


sad o!! every1 going away d!! haiz.. gona miss every1!!


gal pass her
driving!! congrads!!
all the NS ppl!! good luck!! gona miss ya!!
**tat is if i knw u**
n guys.. HAHAH BOTAK!
Tuesday, March 04, 2008

the D.E.Y -give u the world..
im sick!
i cant wait 2 get back..
nanny went home! sobs********
i miss everyone...
sunday hopefully can hang wit gal.. then monday wit the maniac culture i hope..
i miss my gal n babe the most!
then must go find phil n div!
aiyo so many ppl 2 go find..
i might just do a party at home? cz like after that results n then every1 will be going off n all..
xoxo party?
need my gal n babe 2help plan!
gosh i cant wait 2 get back!!
after that i think im going to KK.. i need 2 c sheena!
gosh i miss her loadzz!! being around nina n lena makes me miss her more!!
im around family so much n i just,miss sheena,n mel..
i wana go kl 2.. wana c anah! hopefull shan n mel come home tis weekend so i can c em!
my uncle n aunty said if i wan, n my mom agrees they can sponser me 2 come 2 orange..
n maybe get a green card.. but thats later la.. i need 2 figure everything out now.. sigh
so confusing! i need 2 choose..n i feel like im running out of time! results r coming out! aiyah!
if i stay in malaysia i will go 2 maybe sunway n do faundation in bisness.. then after tat do the kids thing.. **i know sheena will able 2 give ma a job there plus we can also do the wedding thing**
all this is 2 achive my goal in life
2 open my art gallery!
my bro's work n sisters art r awsome.. if they join wit me.. gosh..
im determin 2 get 2 that goal..
if i do come here.. i cant take an art chorse n all.. then work part time...
but then my uncle n aunty mz have a solid home 4 me 2 stay wit em..
so 4 now all i can do is wait...
then i gota make decisisons!