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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I know what I have to do,
I know the pain will kill,
I know the tears will spill,
I know how bitter the experience will be,
I know how much hurt ill face,
I know how bad this might get,
But this is it.

No more fighting myself ,
No more fixing it,
No more making exceptions,
I cant go hurting myself,
I see it eating me up,
I'm not this person,

the one who sits and waits
the one who hopes for something that might never happen,
I seen it too often to be that person,

I cant believe it can be this way,
spiteful and hate-full tones,
annoyed and irritated ,
like nothing is functioning,
like there is a huge piece missing,
like the happiness only last a minute,

I'm not hoping to be happy all the time,
All im looking for is respect,
All im looking for is concern,
All im looking for is understanding,
All im looking for is politeness,
All im looking for is to be treated like a human,
Like a person you like,
Maybe if its even possible the person u love.

I cant have anymore conversations with your pictures,
hoping that you might hear me,
your dead, and I have to accept that now.

Monday, May 24, 2010

I miss Eugenia, Yi Ling , Natalie, Simon, Jon, and Aaron

Penang trip was awesome cause of you people =)

otw to the Island
on the feri
At the jeti to keracut
The Boat Ride
our driver I love all the beach shoots.
I took this shot at keracut under the bridge with Nat's camidk who took the other shots.
Eugena jumping like hyper child^^

Nat =)
Jon being a monkey for eugena
where alse can we climb trees =)
me and the babi
The lake/river
everyone looks like they are waiting to go back.

I took this shot too =)
me likie this pic of Nat
camwhore at the beach =p
At the apartment pool
groupie picture
of all of us.
Lucky i left be four they started this but
I still manage to push someone in the pool! =p
kek lok xi
gurney drive
Nat punya hasil kerja
the devils

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