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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

vietnam trip

awsome show!!! go watch it!! so sweet n awsome... :)

sigh wan bf like tat.. wakak...

ps: i love you

we found a place!!!!

finally!! after calling dozens of numbers n going to so many houses! we found a place 2 stay!

we got turned down from so many houses cz they were racist! they only wanted chineese.. no other race!

i pt the other races finding a place in PJ... lucky there are some ppl in PJ who r true malaysian n x racist!argh!was so pissed off! anyways

-her name is jenny-

-hse bungalow on jln 17/1-

-ppl there 4 students n her-

-fully furnish-


-and provided wit a maid**pay rm20 n she will wash our clothes**-

haha we r spoiled! :P

me n B did loadz shopping ni! jln all over bintang walk n 1U n did loadz of swmming wakaka..


beware of the nigirians there dam itchy! n a pain in the ass..

cant wait 2 move in.. B n me sure gona go crazy! :P

Saturday, April 26, 2008

I woke up yesterday to find a wad looked like a huge present next to my bed!
it came from LA... was wondering wtf la.
cc my aunty there excited
when she saw this and thought of me so she got it for me n mailed it!
so sweet!!
n amazingly! it fit!! perfectly!!n i like it! they knw me well! haha
staying with them for 3weeks n they knw me well! amazing...
everything gold though! even the 4 the letter they got a gold sticker!!
dam semangat!!

i love em!! haha my "second god parents! "

more dresses n hoody!! hahaha

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Ever since last sat i been driving like crazy!!
been almost all over pg d..
k i very bangga i drive 2 pg n AC 2day! wakaka
hanged with B n D !! we went to MacD n 4 some reason a bunch of cats kept on coming 2 us n like meraba-raba! swt
so we went to S.R gota check out stone! hehe
then kacau gal n jaaron a while...then jalan jalan drive here drive there..
i knw i very excited kes!
then send B N D n went to kopitiam hang wit gal.. reached home at 12am
realise im so tired cz been driving from 8am till now.. hahah..
tmr got loadz plan samo..
tis weekend KL wit B then hopefully can meet up wit gal..
shopping! =)
4 uni k!
im totally broke! sigh! allowance faster come!
Sunday, April 20, 2008

me,my dad, n sis arrived in Vietnam at night n saw this lady waving from afar.. i told my sis dun look maybe she will stop waving..
**the lady was my excited mom**
the people-unfriendly
the place-dark,dusty,and dirty**but x sampah dirty**
there are many french influence, the houses are not wide but very tall.. they look like shoe boxes...haha
the culture- very unique.the people sit in groups literary tepi jalan drinking tea,hygiene states bad!
they even sit in a crowded street n pick kutu from each others hair!!!!
but for them its nothing... x embarrassment,nothing!u can see fried dogs here n there.they are very rude people
streets-full of bikes few cars,they drive like there is no law! the bikes seem like they gonna bang u but they dun.
they horn at everything!! every5 sec they horn.**x kidding 5sec** so its very noisy.....
shopping- awesome!! contraband and things of substance was the best shop! haha cause its my cous butik n i get 50% off anything hahah..
food- looks n has very weird names but they taste awesome!!! like we had banana shrimp, n like BBQ squid....
n dam did it taste good!
it was a very fun trip cause i gota spend alot of time wit my sister n my mom n her sis was spending time as well..
so u can imagine the amount of giggling going on... my mom n her sis would laugh at smt oni they get then followed by me n my sis..... so loadz of laughs... hehe... we even got 2 c this dude name UNCLE HO.. ho chi minh. the komunise president there who died almost 100 years ago.. he is treated like a god,u cant talk when u see his body,the body is still preserved n its send 2 Russia 2 get embalmed every year...
in other words i saw a 100 year old dead guys body which looks like he is only sleeping
*my aunt thinks she saw him sweating..swt*
i also gota know my cous n her husband a lil more, like she does alot of yoga!!and about her job n all..
it was an awesome trip!! n to think last year i wanted to give up LA n Vietnam over some guy!
must have been brain dead! haha
**will upload the pic as soon as my sis sends me!**
Saturday, April 12, 2008

itz called a corset piercing
preety neat in a weird kinda way...

if it diden look so painfull would definately try it


gal came over a few days ago, apparently my parents trust gal's driving so much they let even let her borrow the car at night cz we needed snacks.. haha..

"I PASSED MY DRIVING 2DAY.. hehe.. the tester was an A$% but he passed me.. hehe"


im actually packing half way... i gave up an hour ago... i have x idea wad 2 take...
im off 2 kl tmr then off 2 VIETNAM.. im very siked cz itz a family thing n im excited 2 go shopping wit my sis..
plus i heard the water festival is going on.. hehe.. bikinies **checked!**
and my couz has a lil butik there n the colthes n bags are awsome!
my sis is also excited about Hanoi..hehe... tis is definately gona be one awsome family trip..
*hope botak comes!*

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Actor/Actress: Leighton Meester, Penn Badgley, Taylor Momsen, Chace Crawford, Blake Lively i luv wad she wears!! haha

"you know you love me XOXO"
gossip girl...
Friday, April 04, 2008

Ja-NIC-e a.k.a. DingDong says:
if u use cream whitening n shit
jazz*LMAO**wtf** says:
n shit?!
jazz*LMAO**wtf** says:
[c=#9F009F]You are wonderful tonight.[/c] says:
u use shit
[c=#9F009F]You are wonderful tonight.[/c] says:
Ja-NIC-e a.k.a. DingDong says:
wipe ur face with warm water
Ja-NIC-e a.k.a. DingDong says:
C.h.O says:
Ja-NIC-e a.k.a. DingDong says:
when u use warm water the poer will open so d cream will absorb in
Ja-NIC-e a.k.a. DingDong says:
n after done
Ja-NIC-e a.k.a. DingDong says:
use hairdryer

[c=#9F009F]You are wonderful tonight.[/c] says:
[c=#9F009F]You are wonderful tonight.[/c] says:
will make ur face older
[c=#9F009F]You are wonderful tonight.[/c] says:
[c=#9F009F]You are wonderful tonight.[/c] says:
u imagine lah
[c=#9F009F]You are wonderful tonight.[/c] says:
u everyday open and close the pore
[c=#9F009F]You are wonderful tonight.[/c] says:
wat will happen
[c=#9F009F]You are wonderful tonight.[/c] says:
the best way is use cold water
[c=#9F009F]You are wonderful tonight.[/c] says:
stil natural is the best
beauty tips frm the crazy ppl.. 5 gals n a guy..... n the guy is the 1 giving the tips..
**which actuali makes sense**
i came back from driving so dead tired i zzzzzzzzz
n shan came back! n he even sat on me n i dident notice!
i was knocked out..
he left after tat 4 thailand.. sigh i wanted 2 talked 2 him!!
Wednesday, April 02, 2008

I duno y im so EXCITED about uni!
i think im gona stick with broadcasting.......
its something i knw i will enjoy doing....
i gota learn chinese or japanese.. hehe
**sori gal guess ur one housemate short btw den might be going Ktar**
my driving exam is on the 12april..n 2day 4 the 1st time i bang the bloddy tiang!! argh!
*paisay ni**
on the 13 me n my dad will going 2 vietnam ..n meet up with my mom n the rest of my fly..
they dun wana leave me home cz they scared of the car.. swt!!
i been running around like crazy.. n im so dead TIRED..n myZZZ hours are all mixed up!
i need the BEACH!!!
since i been excited about uni n all i been goggleing n i came across tis.. haha.. cute wei!
ps: sorry 4 the lame APRIL FOOL'S jokes.. im bored !!!can u blame me.. :P