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Saturday, February 23, 2008

some pic of the ride here.... n the menu of the sucky food~

n some stuff i got from laguna n belbore..

the sliper is a lighter n the ring was a gift from a lady working in gift shop in belbore island..

i told her the ring was so cute, n u keep it sweety itz a gift.. =)


i got this mood ring n it can really tel my mood.. like when i was angery with my mom it turned black.. haha

so i did this stupid test, if it turns dark green im having mix emotions, n pink is love..

when i though of mashi it turned balck but it had a lil pink in the middle.. very lil..


the ring dun lie..

but anger... herm.... i dont think so.......

hehe.. i should use this ring 2 find out who likes hu.. hahahh..

i been hooked on this show true life.. all about diff younge ppl living hard life.......

Im a bliss!!
1st, so many ppl miss me.. hehe
**x being perasan**
but i diden knw that yall would miss me, cause i thought that yall woulden even notice me gone..
gosh i miss every1!!
i miss divya calling 4 stupid things,
hanging wit my gal n babe!
the maniac calture ppl,
the crazys,
i wish i could bring us back home.. if my frens were all here im sure it would be a blast!!
i was feeling down n then babe n pig cheered me up...
maniac culture! ppl im the marketing manger so yall better buy em!
Friday, February 22, 2008


we finally went to THE BEACH!
we went to belbor island, and omg!! the houses on the mainland are so cute!!!
me n my mom were practically screaming so cute!!
we took the feri across.. the island was so cute!

the beach is the same beach from the venessa hudgens say ok video..

i bugged my mom in taking the ferris wheel.. haha.. she got sick.. haha

we then went to..


omg! the houses there!!!


the beach is so freakin cold! but so nice!!

every corner there is an art shop!! itz like an art town!!

i wana live there!
pls god let there be a single hot guy staying there tat i can marry n stay there la!


im tat desprate 2 stay there!!

luv my aunty!


ps: IM GOING 2 C STEP UP2 tmr hopefully!!

n i was x in the mood for pictures 2day..

Thursday, February 21, 2008

we diden go laguna!! it was raining!!
so we went shopping again!
i realise i diden get anything 4 me..
i got 2 jeans n 2 shoes...
tats all
i aint buying ntg..
i love my aunt!! she is awsome!
miss every1
Wednesday, February 20, 2008

i dono wats wrong wit blogger cant put pic 2day.. sadly.. cz im all polkadot 2day.. lol
Tuesday, February 19, 2008

we diden go 2 laguna 2 day... but we went shopping all around the O.C.....there are so many nice things and i wish i could get everthing for everyone back home.. sigh.......

**im sorry peeps if i don get yall anything**

me n aunty gail coulden help check out this cutties..

this cutie has a thing for shoe laces.. hehe

aint she just cute!! she so hyper

when u put her down

paris hiltons dog.,.. hehe
tmr:laguna,christian book store and shopping!
Monday, February 18, 2008

**pic from the plane**

around tursten,LA.
because my aunt gail is working friday, sat and sunday and my uncle is still sick he cant walk much.. so me and my mom have been walking around their place... mostly there are alot of spanish,indian and korean people around.. it doesnt seem like itz the states,feels like im back home.. except the cold and the spanish guys here are dam hot! hehe... k i have to admit i been curi mata here... :P what can i say,their cute! and there nothing alse much to see...sigh.. 2day we went out early and came back early, so i been watching tv and being on9 all day.. but the good thing is that there are 3MTV'S!! im not kidding!! 3!! hahah.. k im ofically going mad.. why does the time have to be so diffrent!! i miss everyone

i dono y everyones using blogger now.. so hehe..
i havent written in this blog for ages, the only reason i use to last time was cause my mom use to read my blog.. haha, so i use to write her to make her think im an angel child, or to make her feel bad for punishing me..... hahah..
guess im gona be using both again.. hehe...
tmr im gona watch step up2! cant wait!!
and btw... the guys in LA... r super duper! hot!!
2 lazy to blog anymore..
i miss my babe's!