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Sunday, December 28, 2008

woke up and i had to make a decision should i go back today or Tuesday?
final decision.....
i stayed!
the beach... my mom.. come on..hehe
i could not do my assignment though... not internet! '
~sorry guys~
we woke up went to the beach... hotmama wanted to do water sports..
i know.. she the mad.. anyways hotmama,me ,prem and shan got on the banana boat..
the most excited one as you can guess was screaming her lungs out..
was none other than hotmama...
but then after a while....

jazz:ma you OK ah?
hot mama: no! no! no! my neck! my neck!
jazz: huh?? why?! whats wrong?
hot mama: my neck pain
(my mom has sivicalspondelisis her neck bones cant take stress and all it rubs against each other)
jazz: shan!! help!! mommy neck!! its hurts!
hot mama: I'm going to jump!! I'm going to jump!!
jazz: don't! it be worse!!
hot mama: I'm going to jump!!
(i kept her from jumping with my legs! swt)
shan: ask the guy to stop
all: uncle! oi! stop!! help!stop
(hot mama starts crying and me freaking out that her necks snaps in two)
then finally the guy turns.. we shout.. and guess what he does..
he waves his hand.. he thought we said hi..
argh! finally he heard and went slow...
(the most freakiest banana boat ride ever!)
her neck was fine after spending like the hole day with my family and Gossip Girl-ing...
i had enough drama/moodiness from family
after dinner Rihanna's brother came and picked me up...
jalan jalan tenguk benda...
(so christmas shopping at b.fringgi next year!)
after irwinna send me back went up at12....
then Kelley smsed.. so went to sunset with her and her bf...
was fun talking crap! miss ya gal!
**we still need to catch up wei! gal time! know what i mean.. xp**
got back at like 3... talked to my baby till 4! cause i missed him like crazy!
packed up went home....
bathed both my doggies!
**miss em so much now!**
my dad was admited to the hospital...
mild heart attack..
he had the pain since the night befour..
so i went to visit him..
then went to dinner with the family...
woke up me and prem got our nails done..
got MC for the class i missed!
then we headed back to kl...
but we stopped at Bukit Merah to see SPIKE!!
**my bro's old pet iguana**
OMG! He is sooo huge!!
got to play with the monkeys...
we got to enter for free....xp!
balik to kl..
bri moved out d.. so the place to myself..

Even though i still had the day off cause of the MC...

I still went to uni to settel some stuff...

B and Christy suprised me some christmas gift =)

*thanks guys*

after some crapping i got home had to clean the place up..

sayang came over we chilled all day then we got ready..

then sayang's friend picked us and his gf.. and we headed to menara kl..

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Friday, December 26, 2008

after like a few hours of sleep...
woke up and i rushed and got packed..
we were hitting the beach!
me,Mel and Jason went to queens bay to get some stuff..
**me got my sayang a Lil something there**
then we went to biyu emas...
had this family dinner at like 7 and i had to complete my assignment..
rush to do it at my aunties place.. but then...
could not access wble!
so told my group ill do it the next day...
rushed back for a family dinner...which was kinda interesting..
especially if half your family is half drunk..
totally LMAO...
then i hanged with Sheena and the gang....
we got Dvd's the guys hit the fish spa..
name.. HAPPY FEET! hehehe
after that we went to sunset...
i just love that place!
especially if your with a bunch of crazy people its so nice to just chill there....
**penang totally rocks wei!**
got back at like 3am.. everyone was asleep..
despite the bitter events that happen that evening...
I'm glad the night ended the way it did.. =)

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Been so busy with Christmas and all haven't really had the time to blog....
Following our Christmas tradition as usual me, my bro and sis leave the house the same time service start... hehe..and there was no place inside so me and shan had to sit outside
** i ain't complaining**
got to meet up with a few people..
but so sad that none of the people i haven't seen for ages where not in sight..
Anyways after getting home Sheena's family came over we had our traditional family dinner

at like 1-2 am lol..
this year grow service was in the morning so me and mel went with sheena..
surprising how the youth has change so much..
felt so the old.. lol

But what makes this Christmas stand out from the rest..

we could not open presents until the 26!

which was kinda frustrating.. since I'm so tak sabar..but we did.. because my siblings bf and gf were coming...
was being the geram... cause me sayang was not with me...
Anyways... Mel and my aunt got me tops.
the top my aunt got me from seed was dam huge and i cant change it..
my sis top wants me to kill myself!
Mel's top was very artsy.. hehehhe
allot of body shop.. from my parents and Jason smell so the good.
and a bracelet from Sheena and a diamond pendent from my bro and prem =)
which were so the pretty!
after having awesome food shan,prem and i went to penang...
we went to soho.. but was so the old people so then Sheena,michel,Jerry,Marshal and Stephan
not sure the name spell correct or not lol
and we went to SS! half the people i knew!
even Linda..and i always though the bartender took familiar..turns out he knew me since i was a lil kid! shans fren..swt.. anyways... was fun! =)
Marshal and all were happily pouring my drinks plus sengaja making me down em!
the club closed at 3 but we continued outside.. haha... was the fun... just chilling and craping..
don't think anyone could walk straight..
but me was not drunk...
after finishing the stupid bottle we headed home...got back at like 5 or 6.. haha...
the worse part had to wake my parents cause i was room less..
=. =
but anyways i seriously had fun! =) kinda made this Christmas not as bad as i though it was..

pic's 25/2
i wanted to MMS my pic to my sayang ask my bro help me take pic.. he took this of himself...
swt i think i was dancing.. 0.o
25th morning after service

Christmas gift a painting i did for my mom and dad shan and prem's gift
mel got the hat for shan.. but i think prem looks good in it..
dont cha think hehe
after clubbing
ps: i have no idea why shan shirt is like that..
comment less

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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

the best birthday ever~
Went to uni... everyone seem to have forgot.. didn't really bother me..
then after a while kalaii, bri and the gang come and wished me =)
after that while hanging at the com lab.. the lung group come with Christmas hats on* i thought they were going to sing carols** they all were like in a circle like about to sing carols.. suddenly Happy Bday to u.. lmao.. totally caught off guard! =)
got home at 2smt.. sayang was suppose to meet me at 3.. i did laundry and clean the room then i dozed off woke up at 3smt sayang so the late.. was wondering why so long! he came with a bunch of flowers in his hand... i was like thank u sayang!! then he said.. erm.. those are not from me.. read the card.. my mom called him and ask him to get me em... with a latter from her! =)
hot mama rocks!
then while talking to her he called me out saying :
ey jenny said the macd guy here is for u? did u order any mac d?
walked out my room with my short shorts! and tha da!
a bunch of people there.. singing happy birthday~ hehe
got so totally caked! hehe
after the gang left had to mandi! so the oily!! eeeee.
oh yea.. my sayang knows me so well! he got me choc mud cake! from secret! =)
thank u baby!
then when i enter the room sayang had a huge box...
i never expected to get what i got!! i thought it was a dresss.. but then my sayang gave me a huge surprise!! i love u soooo much baby!
i open it and... JENG JENG JENG!!
if y'all were counting there is only 17.. the 18 one.. was the sweetest ever!! it was a poem! =)
after that we went to MV to watch a movie.. the day the earth stood still..
to: everyone that was there for me and surprised me.. THANK U!
I'm so the gratefully!
to my sayang=Daniel! THANK U thank u thank u!
somehow thank you don't seem to be enough!
but thank you baby!! i loved everything so much!!
and I'm so gratefully for everything u have done for me...
I'm extremely touched!! thank u baby!
love u!

THE haircut..
My brothers gf took me to the salon i had no idea what she planned.. just sat there as they made decisions about what to do to mu hair!

the end result??...

me like!thank u guys!


getting ready for the big day!!

last minute shopping! we were craving basking Robbins!! hehe was so the awesome!
i stole Mel's hat to cam whore.. hehe
Saturday, December 20, 2008

i actually am dam freak in bored..
and everyone alse were busy.. and i cancelled my plans to help Sheena but she was also busy! sigh..
anyways surfing the net was actually in this emo site.. then i don't know how i came across this site..

kinda felt very encourage after reading it.. =)


Friday, December 19, 2008

The one class i find super freaking annoying is mass com! why?the lecturer loves to drag the freaking lesson!! plus having stomach pain does not make the situation any better!Had to rush out of class walk over to PE to get food! swt...Janez gave me a ride home =) got home,rest...
got ready and went to Times Square..Christmas shopping!! the deco really puts you in a Christmas spirit.Wish my sayang was there.. sobs!
after Times,went to sg.Wang then headed to pavilion... the deco was OK.. but i kinda love the crystal ball outside.. pretty neat!the crystal ball looks better at night huh.. =)
someone was taking a while in the book department picking a gift for her bf.. i was bored.. hehe
plus so tired after a hole day of walking... i didn't even bother if the white guy next to me was staring at me cam whore**which he was**.. hehe
got home and unpacked what i bought.. the result...
so happy with what i got!! woots! but i still need to get 5people more stuff!! sigh!..
so going broke soon!.. but then again.. i maybe working.. wakak more$$ meaning more spending power!! woots!
IM missing my sayang.. =(

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