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Monday, August 31, 2009

some people are so immature.
i guess they can keep my stuff,

and be my personal charity case.


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

grow up people,
its like "i friend you, i don't friend you"
i want my stuff back, i hate you, i bitch about you,bla bla bla,
immature, sheeshh!

i been really free since i got back from penang!
i so need to study,and i got 3orders of art to do
and sheena's work next week to complete,
i got nothing to do till Friday,
which i have one last class/presentation

and it also so happens to me my one year with DC
so cute right!
i strighten me hair for good
**dam silky can put comb and it will fall out! wakaka**

i totally loved this grafitti in pasar seni of Yashmin Ahmad,
it says " we anak-anak malaysia will miss you dearly"

ps: something tells me im gona like me gal's next post. hehe

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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Im back in Penang,
omg almost died coming here,
thanks to me bro who was speeding in his Fiat.
left kl about 8smt reached Penang island at 11smt and they even stoped a few times!
I really need the beach! and i dont care if there's sunshine or rain.
here i come!

To me utar people who heard im sick,
im not dead or having H1N1!
-Jz dont let me lecture's know cause i skip class saying im quarantined!-
but i really feel sick, the minute i got home i totally KO-ed,
i couldn't sleep in the car cause i would be flying from one end to another,
and even wit the seat beat on+stretched to the max and me laying down after an hour,
my ribs hurt like hell!
*n0te to people out there never try that ever!*

After the long and needed sleep,
i had an awesome dinner with hot mama and a.Lovie
i so miss that lil fav shop of mine! =)
befour the food could come, while me and a.lovie were talking,

hotmama was busted ransacking my new beg,
me:so did you find my condom's in there?
hotmama: yea
me: *lol*
a.lovie: *shocked face*
hotmama: u had sex with him already?
me: no la!!**duh
hotmama: ok what base are you!?

why does she always come up with the most weirdest/uncomfortable topic during dinner!

when i got back i saw some pipes so, being bored i decided to try it
*dispite me being sick *
when if finally lit my response,
ma remind me to never try this shit again!
even though it says cherry tabocoo,
im gona stick wit cherry cig from now on.


miss you baby ;)


Monday, August 17, 2009

hating em bitches!!

why is it when people are at their worse part in life people love to bitch about em!
blood sucking gossip bitches....
**slaps everyone of em!**
i wish...

im actually glad about the situation,
should have happen ages ago!
so proud of her standing up for herself,
everyone is, and is backing her up,
people should learn their lesson long long ago!
i cant stand em cheaters,
isn't one good enough?
isn't the one you so called love mean more than anything to you,
that you would do anything to make them happy?
don't call yourself a man or any other status if you cant face up
if you cant see the awesomeness in front of you,
then you really don't deserve it.

Anyways there is sale all over KL.
plus digi has been also so generous..
i got meself a Roxy beg which i been wanting to get ages ago!
addto the other roxy collection. xp
seems that the one i was aming for , gal beat me to it! lmao

I been really bust lately with presentations and work,
cant wait to get paid!
but i cant spend it cause of bising bf,
but then again im glad he wants me to save!
so hopes can go aus next year!
missing it..

might be going back to penang soon,

world meet funky toothy rabbit!
i made it,

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Friday, August 07, 2009

Making and deciding decisions are hard,
but maybe sometimes change is good,
As long as your happy its all that matter's.
I'm thinking really hard.


Monday, August 03, 2009

love you!
getting younger by the years!!
muaks! <3