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Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Be with someone who is your best friend,
someone you trust,
someone you can be yourself,
It takes two to fall in love and two to make it complicated,
people are set in their ways but people also change,
sometimes you gotta listen to both sides,
sometimes we say things we dont mean,
sometimes we need a listening ear not a judging one,
As a passerby , some situations look silly,
sometimes you would feel like slapping a person just to wake them up,
but our thoughts are irrelevant if your not in that situation,
sometimes we dont think we just feel,
we can never actually walk in each others shoes,
But we could do our best to be understanding,

forget the risk take the fall,
if its what you want, its worth it all.....

Coming soon..
I got family coming down from left,right and center,
weddings to attend and help out with

which scare the shit out of me.
but Im taking everything a step at a time,
I feel super inspired so imma start painting again,

Currently everything is awesome
well except im down with a cold!!
but the upside is I got breakfast in bed.
*thanks love for being there for me*

IM in love..


Ian Joseph Somerhalder

Im in love with him..


I have fallen for him even since LOST.
And thanks to Vampire Dairies im in love with him once again.
And I love the character he plays,
what can I say I love bad boys ;)

I still haven't decided to chop it all off or do this..

Manage me.Im a mess

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