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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

so is Megan fox a transsexual....?

ill let you decide,here is a megan fox site and wikipedia.

as for me, i dont think so,
she is too hot to be a guy =)


Thursday, June 18, 2009

hot mama and her cute backside!

sometimes she surprises us all with her craziness!!
so now i know where the crazy gene is from.
but not as crazy enough to do what she did!

~love that women~


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Went sisah-ing again this time sayang came along =)
might be going again tonight

Anyways i havent uploaded alot of pickies yet..
i went clubbing at halo Bail with Sheena,Daryl and sayang a few weeks ago.
Saw some familiar faces, some crappy dancers who so wanna be.
basically laughing our asses out,
plus the table dancer in front us was wearing g.ma panties.
so NOT HOT!!
and just some flashers who think they are so f-ing hot.
had awsomeness fun =)
cant wait to go again.
my mom ask if daniel was drunk.
haha no he was not.

Befour clubbing i already warned sheena about sayang's chicken dance.
its this really really cute dance he does.
if yall ever go clubbing with him watch out for it!

ps:i might be going penang this week.


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I support PETA.
stop cruelty towards animals.

i dont think anyone in their right mind in malaysia wear's fur but i know some who wears animals skin.
be comfortable in your own skin.

i rather go naked then wear fur.

all this video are from the PETA channel on youtube.
for more video's http://www.youtube.com/user/officialpeta


Thursday, June 11, 2009

updates-Had a busy week,
met my new housemates,
they seem very nice,
im taking management and my LAN subjects this sem,
so after sepetember till jan ill be free,
have loads of plans but it all involves having cash!
hotmama is down and is going london next month
take me too? i can be ur suitcase

i really miss chilling with me gal friends,

its finally getting to me that everyone has their

good and bad sides,

and what you hear may not always be true!

i been chilling at bangsar house,
chilling with mamak gang
and few days ago had shisah session with B n Milo,
was tha fun,
crashed at B's and she missed her class!
somehow i just knew it!

i been hearing alot of gossip lately,
its funny and stupid when people talk about you,
and dont think that youll ever know,
especially if they are dumb enough to talk about you
to your close friends!
sometimes i think these people never move
from that high school phase,
and the some you know the one where
they wana be like you,
other's are jelous or just mad with their life
or L.A.M.E
that they act like your friends,
but bitch about you
and try with all their might to make you feel out of place,
to those people stop being blood sucking bitches
say what you gota say and move on,
*sick of those double face bitches*
plus some just dont have bloody manners when they are aournd gal's
dude go lean some, you might find it usefull
from making yourself look like a poyoh ass.
Is there any real people out there still?

ps:i have no idea why im in such a bitchy mood.
shoot me.

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Monday, June 08, 2009

I'm finally back in my place in PJ.
seems like forever since i been back and stayed the night..
past few weeks i been crashing at Sheena's, sayang's and bangsar house.
i only spend an hour or less here,
which in that time i would be unpacking and packing stuff.
i finally unpacked for real..
at least until Tuesday

hot mama's down so i been busy,
got DG line,
my phone is back in BM, its in the hospital some minor surgery,
I went to the SPCA to help out again,
with sayang's family
it was fun =)
was helping Sheena's with the kiddies,
sayang came a day
actually found out how much of a kid he is.
been going to klcc kinda often,
I'm sick of malls.
yea the 1st time i ever say that!
i have too many dresses,
but somehow don't have time to wear em!

i cant remember anything alse that happen...
**kinda spacing out**
and being pissed how people can be so dam RUDE!

tomorow back to classes.
update again when im not so half asleep..

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Monday, June 01, 2009

i've not been at home for awhile....
i been staying at sayang's..
ill be so busy the next few weeks i think i wont be blogging much..

getting my life shorted.

i need to save $$$/work...
1) smt ring ring
2) beg(roxy me hope)
3)Langkawi or KK or bangkok.(end of the year)

yea, i have big dreams